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 Dreamscape Brows

Providing high-quality beauty services for our valued clients since 2018. 

  • Microblading

  • Ombre Powder Brows

  • Combo Brows

  • Lip Blush Tattoo

  • Eyeliner Tattoo

  • Fine Line Body Tattoos

  • Scalp Micro-Pigmentation

  • Saline Tattoo Lightening

  • Facials / Waxing / Lash Lift


Quality work.
Clean environment.
Reasonable prices.

At Dreamscape Brows, we work with Independent Artists to bring you high quality beauty services in one place. We are confident you will find what you're looking for with one of our talented artists.

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Professional Services

Microblading eyebrow


Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup technique that mimics natural hair strokes. Last on average 1-2 years based on how well you follow aftercare, your skin type, and lifestyle. Microblading is best suited for Dry to Normal skin. We use only the best tools from Phibrows Academy to create beautiful, full and natural looking eyebrows. Book now for your dream brows.

Microblading, microshading, eyebrow


This technique has Microblading strokes throughout the whole brow and then manual shading is lightly added to fill in sparse areas for more depth. This technique is suited for dry to normal skin.

ombre powder shading, eyebrow, pmu


Ombre Powder Shading is a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo that mimics makeup filled brows. We use a tattoo machine and a single use disposable needle cartridge to insert high quality pigment into your skin to create a light to dark Ombre effect. This technique is well suited for ALL skin types (Dry/ Normal/Combo/Oily) and can be customized to suit your preference. Choose from soft and powdery to sharp and bold. Book your appointment now for waterproof, sweat proof, and smudge proof brows!

View Lia's work here.

View Leesa's work here.

View Lizet's work here. 

View Charlene's work here.

View Paola's work here. 


Ombre Combo brows, microshading, eyebrow


This technique combines Ombre Powder Shading with Microblading. Strokes are placed at the front of your brows to keep it natural and fluffy followed by well blended shading for a more defined shape. Ideal for normal/dry/combo skin.

hybrid brows, microblading, eyebrow, microshading, pmu


Best of both worlds. Hybrid brows consist of Microblading strokes at the front bulb of your brows and top half of your brows. Machine shading is then added on the bottom half of brows. The strokes keep brows looking natural while the shading gives you a more defined makeup filled look. Best suited for dry to normal skin with decent amount of brow hair.

scalp micropigmentation, scalp restoration


For men and women. This is a great alternative to hair transplant. Phibrows Scalp Pigment is implanted into the epidermis layer of your scalp with a rotary tattoo machine to mimic natural hair follicles. Average 2-4 sessions are required to achieve desired density & results. With proper aftercare, results can last up to 6 years. Interested in restoring your hair line or bald spot? Contact Fong for a consultation.

Lip Blush, pmu, lip tattoo


Give your lips a semi-permanent pop of color. Wake up with beautiful rose colored lips of your choice. Lip Blush Tattoo can last 1-3 years. This procedure is done by co-owner Lia and independent Cosmetic Tattoo Artist Lizet. Please contact Lia at 916-873-6703 for consultation, availability and/or booking.

Eyeliner tattoo, pmu


Simplify your beauty routine with a classic winged eyeliner tattoo or just a simple lash line tattoo. Our independent Artist Leesa is 2x certified and specializes in this delicate technique. Please contact Leesa directly at 209-990-2958 for pricing & consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for Eyeliner Tattoo.



NEW SERVICE ALERT!! Fine line body tattoos are now available at Dreamscape Brows. This style is more delicate and feminine compared to the traditional body tattoos. Size of tiny tattoos usually range from under 1 inch to about 4 inches. Larger pieces can be accommodated. Minimum price starts at $75. Custom tattoos starts at minimum $100. You can view Liz's work here and Fong's work here.


For quote and/or booking, please contact individual artist and provide the following: 

- Name/Age

- Phone

- Inspiration photo(s) or description

- Approximate size of tattoo

- Placement of tattoo

pmu training, brow training, microblading training, ombre powder brow training


Interested in a skill that can boost your income? Have a passion for creating art?  Love making others feel good about themselves? Then come and learn the art of Microblading and Ombre Powder Shading. This is the BEST Microblading and Ombre Powder Training available in the central valley! Class size is kept small so that we can focus on quality. We want each student to be successful and thoroughly grasp all of the knowledge and information being given. Private 1:1 and 2:1 training available upon request.

Facial Treatment


Experience FIRST CLASS TREATMENT with Melissa, our in house Esthetician. Whether you are struggling with ACNE or looking for a Relaxing Facial, to feel your best and unwind, Melissa has you covered. Book your appointment today, then sit back, relax, and enjoy. 

Saline Tattoo Removal, Lightening, Non-laser tattoo removal


Non-laser tattoo removal and lightening. LiFT is considered one of the safest solutions for removing/lightening unwanted cosmetic tattoos. The skin is reopened with a tattoo machine and LiFT Saline solution is used to draw out the old pigment through process of osmosis. Average 3-6 sessions are needed to get brows light enough. Minimum 8 weeks between each session is required in order to allow skin to properly heal. Consultation is required before booking.

Our Testimonials

From the Source

"My daughter got this done first by him, I Love the results so much, I knew I wanted to get it done, but had to overcome my fears. I was very scared at first and he put me at ease. It was a good experience, very professional and good to his clients. I definitely recommend Fong to anyone thinking about getting this done."

Yelp review from Jen H.

"Fong is AMAZING!!!! His style and hair strokes are perfect. Fong is a great artist, he's friendly and understands the art in creating a natural brow look. I was hesitant about getting my brows microblade but I'm so glad I had it done. Microblading has saved me so much time when I'm going out, going to work or anywhere. I highly recommend Fong to do your brows!"

Yelp review from Anna L.

"Did a wonderful job covering a year old work from another artist. My brows had turn red from my last microblade and looked horrible. He was able to cover most of the red (since the red pigment was so deep) and I actually see hair strokes in my brows. I highly recommend him."

Yelp review from Lee L.

Opening Hours

All services are by appointment only.

OPEN Tuesdays through Saturdays. 

CLOSED Sundays and Mondays.

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3422 W Hammer Ln Unit F
Stockton, CA 95219


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