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The Dream Team

Committed to Your Satisfaction

Dreamscape Brows has developed and grown because of our exceptional team and wonderful clients. We’re proud of each member's abilities to contribute their unique experience and skills to our continuing success. Most importantly, we're so thankful for our family, friends, all of our clients and their referrals. We wouldn't be here without you.

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Fong Vang

Owner / Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Hello, my name is Fong Vang. To me, every eyebrow I create is art and you are my walking canvas. I first heard about Microblading in early 2017. One look at the intricate hair-like strokes from PhiBrows and I was intrigued. That's what led me to learn Microblading; a semi-permanent cosmetic tattoo for eyebrows. I completed my PhiBrows Microblading course and graduated from the prestigious Branko Babic Microblading PhiAcademy in 2017. In July 2018 I went on to earn my certificate in PhiShading Perfection Training. This is a manual shading technique used to enhance Microblading, by adding the appearance of depth and fullness to eyebrows. In May 2019, I expanded my skills to include PhiScalp Micro-Pigmentation, for hairline and bald spot re-pigmentation. My most recently added service is Fine Line Body Tattoos. Being able to boost my client's confidence and help others feel good about themselves is truly rewarding. I am very thankful and blessed to be able to get to do what I enjoy.

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Lia Vang

Co-Owner / Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Currently certified in Ombre Powder Shading, Combo, Hybrid Brows, Microblading, Nano Hair-Strokes, Lip Blush Tattoo, and Saline Tattoo Lightening, my wife Lia has been with us since the initial founding in 2017 (previously known as Fong Vang Microblading). While working full time as a Mortgage Underwriter, she also worked behind the scenes managing the ins/out of our brow business, designing website, creating social media content, business promotions, accounting, product & theory research and more. Her decision to finally become an Artist in Sept 2018 was no surprise because of the amount of knowledge & passion she exudes for this industry. Thus Dreamscape Brows LLC was created. I'm thankful for the many years of experience and skills she brings to the forefront which has helped our business grow and evolve. Professionalism to a tee, great creativity, smart and passionate, Lia is a true asset.


Leesa Xiong

Independent Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Leesa started her cosmetic tattoo journey in July 2020 after she completed brow training with Dreamscape Brows. She is multi-certified specializing in Ombre Powder Brow Shading, Eyeliner tattoo, and Saline Tattoo Lightening. She also brings years of experience as a freelance makeup artist, something she loves to do as a hobby. Her eye for precision and beauty, makes her an asset to the growing Dreamscape Brows team.

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Lizet Orozco

Independent Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Liz is a multi-certified Cosmetic Tattoo Artist. She completed our Dreamscape Brow training in May 2021, specializing in Ombre Powder Shading, Microblading, and Combo brows. In December 2022, Liz received her Lip Blush Tattoo Certification and in August 2023 she added Fine Line Body Tattoo Certification. She exudes pride in everything she does and her work truly reflects her passion for our industry.  Along with her passion for the art of semi-permanent makeup and body tattoos, Liz is an active Lead Assistant for dental surgeries since 2019.

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Melissa Moran Ramirez

Independent Esthetician

Melissa joined Dreamscape Brows in September 2023. She has been in the beauty industry for a couple years working in a local MedSpa. Melissa specializes in skin care, HydraFacial, Dermaplaning, Acne Facials, Lash Lifts and Body Waxing. Her passion and professionalism for skin care makes her one of a kind. So whether you are struggling with acne or looking for a relaxing facial, she has you covered. 

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Charlene Saetern

Independent Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Charlene completed her Brow Training with Dreamscape Brows in March 2022. She specializes in soft & natural Ombre Powder Brows. Her redirection and dedication to cosmetic tattooing has led her back and is officially part of Dreamscape Brows team as of November 1, 2023. We are excited to have her on board and look forward to seeing her grow as an artist. 

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Paola Aispuro

Independent Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

Paola completed brow training with Dreamscape Brows in March 2022. She has been licensed and working diligently since. Paola specializes in Ombre Powder Shading, Ombre Combo and Correction/Coverup techniques.  She is fluent in Spanish and English. Her attention to detail and dedication to providing the best quality work really shines through. We are honored to have Paola on our team.

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