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1) Ensure you fit the Eligibility Requirements below.

2) Read Terms & Policies, Procedure specifics and Risks. Please contact your preferred Artist prior to booking if you have any questions.

3) Scroll down to Professional Services and/or Certification Courses, select an option.

4) Proceed to making the deposit.

5) Confirmation email will be automatically sent. Pre-care instructions will be included when booking a professional service.


- Age requirements: 18-55 years old. Please email with your name and clear photos of brows if you are over 55 and list any medication or health conditions.

- Must not be pregnant or nursing.

- No major health/heart/back issues. 

- Not on any blood thinning medication.

- Diabetics must obtain a DOCTOR'S NOTE prior to booking.

- Must not have skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis or keloids in or near the procedure area.

- Must not be undergoing chemotherapy.

- Must not be someone who is epileptic or experiences seizures/faint spells.

For a complete list of criteria that makes you INELIGIBLE click here.


- If you have ANY EXISTING MICROBLADING OR BROW TATTOO, YOU MUST RECEIVE CLEARANCE, prior to booking. Booking an appointment without clearance will result in forfeit of your booking fee. For clearance, please email your name, clear photos of your bare brows, and history of brow tattoo to

- Microblading is NOT recommended for oily skin or skin with large pores. Strokes do not retain well on oily skin and/or can blur and expand when healed.


- Lash extensions must be off 2 weeks prior to service.

- Lash serum must stop use 3 months prior to service.

- No waterproof mascara 2 weeks prior to service.

- New mascara needs to be used after service (to avoid infection).


- Keep lips moisturized and exfoliate lips within 1 week of service.

- If you are prone to cold sores, the lip blush treatment can cause an outbreak and it is recommended to take an anti viral medication (for example, Zivorax) 5 days before and the day of the appointment and continue use for 5 days after or advised by a medical professional.

- No lip fillers for at least 4 weeks prior or after your appointment. 


For Frequently Asked Questions click here.  

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL PERMANENT MAKEUP PROCEDURES TYPICALLY REQUIRE TWO SESSIONS TO COMPLETE THE FINAL LOOK. Sometimes a third session is required at an additional cost. It is important to follow aftercare for best healed results. At your appointment, your Artist will go over aftercare with you and provide aftercare instructions for you to take home. You can also read the aftercare instructions here.




  •  BOOKING FEE:  A NON-REFUNDABLE $100 booking fee is required to secure your initial appointment. Booking fee is accounted towards your final total due on your appointment day. If you cancel your appointment for any reason, it will result in forfeiture of your booking fee. No exceptions, no excuses. Please be sure you are eligible and ready before booking.

  • PAYMENT: We can accept cash, Zelle, Apple Pay, and Debit/Credit Cards.

  • RESCHEDULING: You are allowed to reschedule 1 time as long as you give us 48 hours notice prior to your appointment. Rescheduling less than 48hrs notice will result in forfeiture of your booking fee. A new booking fee $100 would be required to reschedule.

  • CANCELLATIONS: If you need to cancel for any reason, please just let your respective artist know. Rescheduling is always an option, however new current price will apply.  Should you decide to continue with cancellation, this will result in forfeiture of your booking fee. 

  • NO CALL/NO SHOW: This will result in forfeiture of your booking fee. No exceptions, no excuses. You will not be able to book with any Dreamscape Brow Artists for any future appointments.

  • PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME:  Please be courteous of others and be on time for your scheduled appointment. We understand unforeseen circumstances can happen, however it is important to allow enough time to properly perform each service. No need to arrive early since appointments are back-to-back.

  • LATE POLICY: More than 15 minutes late will result in a $25 late fee. More than 30 minutes late will result in cancellation and forfeiture of booking fee. Please allow extra time for traffic.

  • PREGNANCY POLICY: The booking fee can be transferred to a new date after child birth/breast-feeding, however prices are subject to change and will be reflected when client decides to reschedule.

  • PHOTOS & VIDEOS: We will be taking before/after photos for insurance purposes and photos/videos may be posted on social media platforms for marketing/advertising purposes.

  • GUESTS: You may bring 1 guest with you. Please no small children under 10yrs old and no pets due to hazardous materials and cross contamination. 

  • NO REFUNDS: We do our best to ensure complete satisfaction of service. If you are unhappy for any reason, we can talk about options available. 

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